Project 3- Final placards

Oh well… I guess this was the “quickest” project for me… I know I was really stuck with ideas at the beginning… More because of the slogans itself than the visual work…

Because I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to say… I didn’t know of my messages were that important for people to stop and look at it… I was actually a bit stuck… 

But soon that my statements were ready I immediately started to think about my visual ideas…

I know that my first thought was “I’m not doing it digital…” Because Im alwayas a bit scared of computers programmes… But when I saw my colleagues posters I was really impressed, because their digital placards they look better… Specially if you’re working with type it would be too risky to write your statement by hand…

So what I have done was… I did my drawings for the background and collages… Then I passed to Photoshop and just added the type… Because I already knew what typeface I was going to use… It actually took me a morning to do all the three placards… My friend helped me with Photoshop… But that really pushed me into it… I know that I want to learn more in that programme… And I’m already starting to watch some tutorials and learn more during this summer.
Here are the pictures from my placards…

This one I have painted the background with watercolour pencils… I did like some “blocks” to pass my message of “fit in” … Then I blurred the blocks to say my first words “you don’t always have to”… The type is “capital Arial” and the other one is “script bold italic “…

For this one I did a collage with many different question marks… I created only one big question mark to represent the word “question”… Then the word “everything” I used a typeface that would look like a marker and thick type. I like the contrast but I like this one because I used an image to represent one of the words…

For this one I drew a sound wave… From the three placards this one was the one that I found more difficult to me… First because of the position of the text… Because I wanted to do a sound wave it was difficult and impossible to keep the portrait position… But because on my brief didn’t say that it have to be only in portrait position… I used landscape to this one… So my message “take time to listen” could fit on the placards and on the sound wave.

Project 1- Final Outcome

This is my final result from my fanzine for this project 1…

O really liked the final result… I redone my poster but I didn’t throw a way the old posters… I just used them to do my belly bands and the book itself…

If I have to redo this fanzine I would probably add more colours or tried two different ones because that was what the brief asked for it.  

I really enjoyed to do the book and to created all of this pockets to include my 3 fanzines… At the beginning I was scared because I never done something like this… So detailed and “precious” but I must say that I am glad with the final result… And next year I hope I will do more fanzines… I’m screen printing or risk printing…

So my final deliverables are:

1 publication

2 copies

All of them include a poster when you open your fanzine… It is a A3 poster at the back of the full fanzine.

It was such a inspiration for me… Because it looks like I created a ” memorial” fanzine… Something that if I was on the streets giving it away this fanzine for most of the people would be a “attention” message to be aware nowadays this can happen anytime​… It would be a feeling of respect for people who have been through this and feel thankful to look at my fanzine because I created a memorial… At least for me that is the feeling… I feel like I created something really emotive. 

Project 3- Development/ Final ideas.

Finally I picked my final slogans.

  • You don’t always have to fit in.
  • Question everything.
  • Take time to listen.

For the first one I decided to do something really simple… just playing with the type on its own… because this message it’s right to the point, and I wanted to work with typography itself and try to compose with two different typefaces that are different but that can work together.


The second one I wanted to play with the word “question” because my slogan before was ” be a question mark”, I slightly changed the sentence but keep the visual idea, the question mark itself can be read as the word “Question”. I used a different type to write different type of question marks, so at the end is a collage with many different question marks, creating only one final question mark… if that makes sense.

The third and final slogan, I chose “sound waves” to better represent my message… I wanted to do one of te placards with a drawing, so what I basically done was, drew a sound wave and then wrote it on top my message… I was trying different type of letters to see which one was the best for my final one…

My next post would be my final placards…
Im doing it all by hand… but I am still considered if I do the first one at least in digital… lets see how it goes.

Mark Making ( collages )

One of my final works from Mark Making are three different collages, I was asking to do some experimental collages and then, a final one… to be honest is really difficult to me to pick from 2 of them the final one…
The first one I did as experimental was one drawing of a woman really colorful, using watercolor pencils and then I just applied some flowers to complete her hair style.

The other one I did was a collage with fabric, with different patterns and textures… And this one is one of the ones that I was not sure if is considerate experimental or final one… I did gave fun doing it… because I learnt how to give the effect of 3D through the tones and changing the colors of the fabric to give that illusion that is a face and has the shapes of one.

The last one is a black woman, as I already said before I really like to do women portraits, but black women it is so incredible their strong features their beautiful afro hair which is really rich in creating a visual image.
In this case I used magazine and newspaper paper…I tried to keep the colors of the skin, for the hair I just did small circles and gave them a curly effect. I cut the paper with scissors and some bits with my hand.

I really enjoy to do some collages… I found it really fun, and you do learn a lot, because you get in touch with the material, instead of just drawing with a pencil or a pen, you will cut all the lines, all the shapes, all the colours with different paper, trying to get the best pages to get the best colours… it is really amazing.

Final Calligram “London 1974” by William Blake

Well… I did my Calligram ages ago.. but I only had the opportunity to publish it today and also because I made a good photo shoot with it.
Let me start from telling you that I am using on my calligram the LOVER  archetype.
And you are probably asking me, why?
I picked this one because I could use more colours, I could play with reds, pinks, yellows… all of this colours that “transmits” love…
For me this archetype is the one that fits more in my “story”.. because in my book is like William Blake is feeling really sorry, really disappointed, really sad… he is feeling that those things are not supposed to happen.
I tried to keep the same style thought all the pages… My type is a mix of Capital and Small letters… Some letters are bold some letters are normal…
I used my hand writing (all my book is hand-made)… I used my own type because I wanted to be really personal as this poem about London was to William Blake. I did 16(sixteen) pages plus the cover of the book.

Here are some pictures:
I did not use a book made by me… I bought a book and I cut it out the pages that I did not need it for my calligram and I just stick my pages on it…

This is the cover for my calligram:
I tried to stick on the same style.

William Blake

William Blake, born in London in 1757, was one of the greatest poets in the English language…
Blake described his technique as “fresco.”
As I read about him, he was known because of the truth that he always had in his work… the colours, the lines, the way that he was feeling, the emotions… all of this details were present on his art work. That is why I used those colours on my book, because I wanted to give the feeling… the emotion, the disappointed feeling about his own country.
He finished the designs in ink watercolor, making each, rare, impression and unique. Those were the materials that I used as well, black ink and watercolor pencils.
He is an artist that really inspires me… due his loyalty, his way of thinking and the using of materials as well.

Photography session- set up for future projects…



I really had so much fun during this session this morning… Once again I picked some work to take photos of.

It is really important the way you present your work, on your blog, on your portfolio, on your website or in any other place that you have your work in. Specially in my area of illustration or graphic design, I have to be really clear and try to present my work in the nicest and professional way possible.
Because I never know who is watching my work and possibly like my work and be interesting on it.

This is a really important and good skill to have!! Being able to set up a camera, light or background and art direct a photo shoot. I must say I was really impressed with myself today and I did a good job.

Here are some pictures that I took today:

IMG_4520IMG_4521IMG_4523IMG_4524This is my final calligram from cs-package and I really liked to photograph it, I choose a white background because my calligram is already really colourful.

On this one I played around with some coloured paper, matching my image, this was one of the portraits I have made. I do like the contrast with the orange and gold.
In one of them I used my own hands to hold the portrait.

IMG_4551This is one of my experimental collages… I used a wall from my studio to take the photo. I like this wall, the color of it and the texture, and because this a collage and the image has already this texture and 3 dimensional look, I found it interesting the wall and the portrait has the same tones and the same color pallet.

IMG_4558IMG_4562IMG_4567IMG_4561This one I will call ” unexpected ” photo shoot…
During the session Elisa (model) was saying that she really looked a lot like my portrait.. and it was really funny that she was wearing clothes in the same colors as my drawing… call it unexpected or “meant to be” but the final result is really nice. I did enjoy this session, in this case I used a model holding my portrait in different ways, her clothes were matching my painting/drawing and I did a “mix” of pictures, playing around with the position of the model and with the zoom. At the end I like the composition that all the pictures formed together.

Next year I am defenitly improving my photos for my blog from my work. That is for sure. 

Project 3- session 3

I really liked this session, we had the opportunity to work with one of our tutors that showed us an excellent presentation with many examples of typography made by different and creative ideas… using materials like tooth paste, fabric, meat, finger prints, masking tape…

Then the first task was, to pick a word and try to represent that word through the typeface, you could use any background, any base, but I needed to use masking tape.
My word was ” SLOW ” , I used a wall from my studio that I really think that was interesting because of the color (a brownish) it would give a contrast between the wall and the white masking tape.
I tried to give a really delicate aspect, and also use a “looot” of tape to give this feeling that the word was “long” and slow… te fluid of the word. If I had to do it again I ll probably change the direction of the word in a way that I would write the word in “ITALIC” to give that sensation that te word is “taking time”, is “floating”.

This was my first result:

In the afternoon I trie to finally think about my final slogans.
After a chat with my tutor I decided to do tis three, it was not that easy to pick only three, I had so many ideas but I needed to think about the visual idea as well… how can I present my idea in a visual way.

My final slogans are:

  • ” You don’t always have to fit in.”
  • ” Find what makes you different.”
  • ” Question everything” or ” Be a question mark.”

Now I just have to do more research about it and do a lot of sketches to my final visual ideas and also the best way to represent my idea.

During that afternoon I also did some sketches of the word ” SHARE”, tried to represent the word visually.
Here are my pictures:




Project 3 – session 2

We all started the session with discussing our slogans, I had to write at least 12 slogans and from them just picked 3 to work with it.

My ones were really “basic”, I wanted something different, but this was a great exercise and helped me a lot listening to the others, because that automatically gave me more inspiration.

As I said on the blog post before, the main point of this project is to work with typography… it can be through the colors, type, shapes, background, symbols, etc.

I started to do some sketches, because that always help me out, to get inspiration and to finally put some ideas that are already on my head…

Here are some pictures:


These are just experimental work, I am mostly “playing” around with symbols… the only one that is one of the slogans that I am using for one of my placards is,


I really like to play with words and symbols together, and that is because of the size of the placard as well, because it is only A2, it needs to be a short message and easy to read and to understand.

But most important is that it needs to be a “real” message, by this I am trying to say that I need to believe on what I am saying.


This was another exercise, to create your own type.
It is more difficult that I was imagining… there are a lot of details that you do not think about it, only when I was creating my one, specially the first one, I was doing really well until I had to create the letter ” R” , it was so difficult because this letter has a diagonal “leg” and half of it is round… but I try my best to stick with the style that I was drawing.

I need to do some more exercises like this because that will help me a lot to find the best typeface to go well with my work.

Project 3- session 1

For this project… I will have to go back to one of my firsts blog posts
“My incomplete MANIFESTO”

Based on this manifesto that I created a few time a go, I will have to create three A 2 size placards with any message or slogan or words that I want to transmit to the world.
I am really excited with this project, because it is a great opportunity for me to explore typography, something that I really like to work with…

The main point of this project from what I understand is exactly the using of typography, it is through the colors, shapes or details that you will see the message… its like… imagine you going on the road and you see a placard… you will get the message straight away through the colours or the type, that is the focus… no images, just type.

First exercise this day was, taking a letter from a bag and with that letter create I bigger scale or smaller or repetitive or colourful, any idea that you wanted to do to create a new letter, a new type.
I remember when I was taking my letter I was thinking “I just hope I don’t get any ’round’ letter… because that would be difficult…”
but as I am so lucky… my first letter was, letter “O”… and then letter “C”… well next time I will beg for any other shape. ahahah

You were free to use any. material… here are some of my examples from this little exercise:

I used markers, ink, water color pencils, charcoal, pastels, and in this last one I used candles… I burned them with a lighter and then stuck the melted wax in the page…
I actually liked the final result, it gave a really cool effect with texture… through the picture you might not see that but in person it is a surprised result.

Project 2- Final Video

Like always… I like to challenge myself… and I change my sound track one more time.

This time I choose ” QUEEN- Don’t stop me now” … (the first 30 seconds of the track)
Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.19.15

I decided to write the lyrics of the song in a board using charcoal and chalk… I did not know if I wanted to use some drawings through the video to help people to read the lyrics easily…

Let me show you some pictures of the process and of the video:

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.26.56Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.27.06Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.27.22Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.28.27Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.29.15Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.29.56Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.28.50Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.29.01Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.29.41Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.30.10Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.30.28Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.31.04Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.31.23Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 19.32.12

After the presentation of everyone’s videos in front of everyone from our course (tutors and colleagues) … I know I still have some details that I have to go back and work on them before I handle my final video.

I really enjoyed it, to see everyone’s work, I was really surprise with some great ideas.. simple ideas that transformed in a video turned into something really beautiful and professional.

I was proud of my work because as I said before I never worked in digital or video before… now that I actually know some basic tools ans how to work in this kind of programme is going to be easy for me to do something in this concept.
I was also surprised with myself because I actually loved to work in digital.. that is why I used my own hands to draw and to show on the video because I wanted to be really personal and wanted to create a dynamic between the using of material, digital way and also my hands that for me is my fundamental tool.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of my living room all set up… but because I am probably changing some images from the video I will have to set up my camera and I will take some pictures this time.